Logos <-

A logo grabs a prospect's attention, makes a strong first impression about your business, and is the foundation of your brand. It is something memorable and it fosters brand identity.


Web Design <-

A website is a digital platform used to get your business seen. 


Business Cards <-

If you want to represent your company's brand, you will need a business card. It conveys important and personal information. Most of the time it is the first exposure to your business that people will see.


Special Projects <-

Flyers and other items can be used to promote new products, announce new items, or special events. (Promotional items will be outsourced using a well-known company.)


Iphone Photography<-

Professional iphone photography can help express yourself better and get you noticed on social media more. Both humans and social media algorithms appreciate interesting visual content. Book me for one of your next events.


Iphone Videography <-

iPhone videography refers to the process of shooting and capturing videos using an iPhone. With advancements in technology, iPhones have become powerful tools for filmmaking and capturing high-quality videos. 


AI Home Canvas Art <-

AI Home


Books <-

I wrote and designed a Mental Health Journal.